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"...not only an extremely professional person but personally a pleasure to deal with."

“.... Your steady hand in helping us settle the claim eliminated much of the stress that otherwise would have been present."

"You turned a very difficult situation into a bearable one."

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With Fairview-Licht you will receive only the most expert advice from people who have been in the business for years. Why spend the time dealing with all the complicated issues that come with filing your own insurance claims? Fairview-Licht will ensure that you receive the absolute best settlement for your claim.

So what problems are involved with preparing your own claim?

Well for one, you, the policy holder, do not have the experience that Fairview-Licht has gained over the years at dealing with claims. We make sure you recover everything you are entitled to and understand all of the fine print your insurance company throws your way. We help you organize proof of loss, estimates on damages and all property that can be recovered. By relieving yourself of the aggravating ins and outs of dealing with your insurance company, you are free to deal with other important issues that arise during situations of property loss.

Who wants to read all the fine print anyway?
We are trained professionals who have reviewed thousands of policies and know what to look for. We remove the guess work that comes with deciphering your insurance policy and guarantee you donít lose anything because of complicated language and requirements. When Fairview-Licht deals directly with your insurance company adjuster, we know exactly what to say and understand how not to get taken advantage of.

With Fairview-Licht, you get more!
Every insurance company is different and no two policies are alike. Insurance companies will often try to cut corners on reimbursement and save money where they can. Fairview-Licht works for you, not the insurance company. Our goal is to recover what you, the insured, are entitled to.



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Charles Licht and Fred Yutkowitz, Public Adjusters

17 Barstow Road, Suite 408
Great Neck, New York 11021

Telephone: 516.504.8500
Facsimile: 516.504.4466



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